Equipment Manufacturing

1. Production and manufacturing

In 2023, Hanbo Environmental Technology opened a newly built large-scale intelligent environmental protection equipment manufacturing base with an area of nearly 50,000 square meters. The total investment in the base reached 300 million yuan and the annual output value exceeded 1 billion yuan. The manufacturing base adopts fully automated operations and specializes in the production of food waste treatment equipment, food waste treatment equipment, fruit and vegetable waste treatment equipment, and organic waste harmless and resource treatment equipment.
  • Production Process Control

A scientific quality assurance system has been established in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and other standards to ensure the work quality of the product production process.
  • Product Quality Control

In the design stage, a "three-level review system" is adopted to ensure that accurate design drawings are put into production; in the manufacturing and construction processes, each process strictly abides by the quality inspection system to ensure that unqualified products will never flow into the next process; Before the products leave the factory, full-time inspectors conduct strict factory inspections to ensure that the product qualification rate is 100%; after the project installation is completed, full-time inspectors inspect the construction quality to ensure acceptance.

2. After-sales service

The company has a dedicated after-sales service department with a team of engineers and senior technicians equipped with special vehicles and tools. Ensure that if there are any after-sales service needs, we can arrive at the site quickly and provide high-quality services.
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