The prospect of on-site treatment of food waste is promising
Kitchen waste accounts for a relatively high proportion of domestic waste, and requires large investments in collection, storage, and transportation, as well as final treatment. How to deal with food waste reasonably and effectively is being actively explored across the country.
What are the classifications of kitchen waste?
Food waste classification refers to the classification of food waste generated in daily life, and divides it into various classification methods such as recyclable, non-recyclable and hazardous waste. The following are several common classification methods for classifying food waste.
The necessity and equipment introduction of food waste reduction treatment
The kitchen waste reduction equipment uses new process technology to solve the process problems of dry and wet separation and oil-water separation in the inefficient kitchen waste treatment.
The dangers of kitchen waste and how to deal with it
Kitchen waste refers to organic waste such as leftover ingredients, broken bones, vegetables, and peels produced in home kitchens or corporate kitchens. Although it is organic waste, if it is not processed and classified in time, it will cause many hazards. The following will introduce the dangers of kitchen waste and how to deal with it.
Learn more about food waste treatment equipment
As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and resource utilization, the demand for food waste treatment equipment continues to increase. Kitchen waste treatment equipment can effectively utilize kitchen waste as a resource and reduce environmental pollution, which has important social significance and economic benefits.
The importance of food waste treatment equipment manufacturers
Food waste refers to waste containing a large amount of organic matter generated in catering services, food processing, household life, etc. If not handled properly, it will have a serious impact on the environment and human health. Therefore, the research and development and production of food waste treatment equipment have become increasingly important.
Good news! The company’s project won the first prize of the 2023 Environmental Technology Progress Award!
Recently, the China Environmental Protection Industry Association announced the list of "Projects to be Awarded for the 2023 Environmental Technology Progress Award".
How to dispose of garbage in school cafeteria?
With the improvement of urbanization and living standards, waste disposal has become one of the issues of global concern. The school cafeteria is a place that generates a lot of waste every day, so the disposal of school cafeteria waste is very important. Waste disposal in school cafeterias is discussed below.
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