Ecological application

Rice Ecological Farm (Linhu Base)
The Rice Ecological Farm (Linhu Base) was recognized as one of the first batch of national ecological farms by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in November 2021.

Construction location: Taihu Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, Linhu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City

Demonstration scale: Demonstration area of 537 acres, including 10 acres of scientific research area

The goal of building:

A national-level high-standard ecological farm integrating organic production, ecological conservation, scientific research demonstration, and cultural tourism education

Implementation content:

  • Scientific research and demonstration of high-quality organic and efficient cultivation technology of rice, forming a complete set of standard technical procedures and core patents;
  • Research and demonstration on new technologies, new fertilizer research and development, new variety promotion, circular agriculture, etc.;
  • Improve the soil, purify water quality, protect the ecological environment of rice production, and improve rice quality through the recycling of organic waste and soil fertilization;
  • Focus on improving non-agricultural habitats such as semi-natural habitats and increasing biodiversity;
  • Develop various cultural carrier industries such as rice ecological planting professional demonstrations and agricultural landscape science education.
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